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Papillon was a bull.

A French bull.

A French bull with a dream.

Papillon is based on the real-life bullfighting tradition in the South of France, where swords have been replaced by rosettes, tassels, and ribbons galore.
It is a sweet story of friendship and leadership. Because there are many ways to be a hero.
Listen to Papillon, read by the author. Download a copy here for your personal use. Enjoy, and know that all rights are reserved.
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Nana Speaks Nanese


Last month, Nana came to live with us.

She likes to feed the birds and tell funny stories.

And she loves ice cream!

But sometimes Nana doesn't make sense...

Nana Speaks Nanese was born from my own need to talk to my then-three-year-old about his Nana's changes in behavior. It tackles a difficult subject in a sweet and caring way.
I hope it helps other families make it through a challenging time.
Listen to Nana Speaks Nanese, read by the author. Download a copy and learn more at
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Super Puzzletastic Mysteries


Want to play detective? Every story in Super Puzzletastic Mysteries gives the reader an opportunity to play along. From haunted typewriters to kooky superheroes, every story has a mystery for you to solve.

My short story, "Codename: Mom," features a kid whose mom may -- or may not -- be a spy. When Blake's mom is kidnapped, it's up to Blake to save the day. Mystery, code and math galore!

"I didn't like math much before I read your story. Your story made math fun and interesting!

I just opened my fourth grade math book for this fall, and when I saw it was teaching about prime numbers, I felt so excited because they were in your story!"


Lenora, age 9

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